Business Communications:

How Assertive Communication Can Work Wonders

Education, training, and practical experience are elements of a successful employee. Yet 85% of our professional and personal success is attributed to attitude and communication. Communicating effectively and maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace are powerful tools that enhance even the most brilliant technical competence.

Learning how to communicate effectively and maintaining a positive manner are skills that can be learned. This webinar provides the framework, the tools and the opportunity to put into practice vital interpersonal skills that lead to a successful individual and a harmonious, productive work environment.

We’ll show you how our history defines our communication. We’ll help you make an assessment of your communication style and show you why assertive communication beats passive and aggressive communication techniques every time. This program will help you make an effective request, decline with dignity, set and communicate boundaries, confront with dignity and tact, give and receive feedback and become more efficient at delegating. Assertive communication has its consequences—and they promise to pay off well in your organization. Leadership Expert and Trainer, Donna Panko, will provide this dynamic webinar.

During this webinar we will address the following: