Business Etiquette: Manners Matter

Your Ticket to Success

“I can’t believe she just walked into my office and started talking to me when I was on the phone ... Why is he always late for meetings? ... She left her phone number so quickly on my voice mail that I had to play the message three times! ... I can’t believe that he forwarded that offensive e-mail to the entire office staff! Ugh…What was that he just tweeted?”

Everyone in today’s business world has encountered these situations and some even worse. You have probably wondered to yourself, “Don’t they know any better? And, “What happened to common sense?” The truth is they probably don’t know better or even realize it is a matter of common sense. And in today’s politically correct, technology-enhanced world, you may need to review your own practices as well.

Proper etiquette means adhering to accepted social behavior or knowing what to do or say in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, many of us were never properly trained how to practice it. The literal translation of the French word etiquette is “a small ticket.” Webster defines ticket as “a certificate showing that an admission fee has been paid.” In many ways, the practice of good manners is precisely that - a ticket to acceptance and respect in the business world.

This is especially important in today’s workplace where day-to-day human interaction has been replaced by advancing technology, technology that may have changed etiquette practices of the past. Our window for creating a positive impression is getting smaller and smaller. And few actions leave a stronger negative impression than improper etiquette. Leadership Expert and Trainer, Donna Panko, will provide the “ticket” to acceptable business etiquette in our ever-changing world of business.

MANNERS DO MATTER in every encounter, both personally and professionally.

During this webinar we will address the following: