Business Networking:

Win, Place, and Show at the Social Game isn't just for salespeople! Although for many people the word "networking" conjures up a cringe-inducing image of a pushy salesperson shoving a business card into every hand she can find, the reality is that networking is about serving as a resource—about giving, not taking—and it's essential for both individual and organizational success. But it may not be easy for you—especially since 50 percent of American adults consider themselves shy. In addition, social etiquette has become more challenging as globalization has occurred. Many employees who do business in the North American culture may not be aware of the proper social practices and appropriate ways to interact at business and business-related functions.

In large organizations, being able to give a 30-second overview about what you do is as important internally as externally. Developing relationships with internal champions or sponsors can help determine whether a project succeeds or fails. You don't have to ban email, Facebook, or LinkedIn...and on the flip side, you don't have to require your employees to be social media mavens. Forward-looking organizations understand that the world is getting smaller, that technology is providing unprecedented opportunities for connection, and that giving their employees the tools and outlook they need to make those productive connections is a benefit to all parties involved.

Developing excellent social skills and knowing how to network are learned skills that can positively affect both business and social relationships.
Leadership Expert and Trainer, Donna Panko, will provide this dynamic webinar.

During this webinar we will address the following: