Dining Etiquette: Eat, Drink, and Impress

Have you ever been embarrassed by a colleague during a business lunch or dinner? What are the best items to order at a business meal? Do you know when it is proper to begin discussing business? What happens when the host does not assume his or her proper role? How do you remove a piece of food when it is stuck in your teeth? Should you answer a question addressed to you when you have your mouth full? Does the old rule “elbows off the table” still apply today? Do you know how to politely and professionally interact with the wait staff? Are there any rules regarding “doggie bags” during a business meal?

In today’s busy world, corporate decisions are made in the dining room as often as they are made in the boardroom. No matter what your position in the corporation, you entertain clients and guests to get to know a person on a one-on-one basis, make new business contacts, or thank someone for a favor or service rendered. Business dining can also be used to sell someone an idea or add polish to the company’s image.

Yet business entertainment is fraught with the potential for disaster. To be truly successful, entertainment requires the addition of heart: really caring about the well-being and enjoyment of guests. In hundreds of ways, large and small, the social side of business goes on all the time. Offering a person something to eat or drink, or amusing him or her in some way while you are transacting business is what entertaining is all about. Leadership Expert and Trainer, Donna Panko will provide the dining etiquette webinar.

MANNERS DO MATTER in every encounter, both personally and professionally.

During this webinar we will address the following: