Meet Donna Panko Allen, professional business trainer and coach

We all hold within us greater potential. Donna Panko helps us draw it out by delving into the techniques proven to improve our professional skills. Donna’s customized approach to personal and professional growth has helped thousands of people make positive changes. As a teacher, trainer, motivator, and consultant, she has developed corporate workshops and individual coaching services designed to provide employees and leaders with the tools and the self-confidence they need to master their professional lives.

Discussing professional change—from personal grooming to client relations—can be sensitive. Donna’s finesse motivates people to receive feedback and learn new ways to enhance their professional presence.

She counts among her satisfied clients organizations such as United Airlines, Grinnell Regional Medical Center, SPL Worldgroup, Inc., KeyBank Corporation, IBM Corporation, Bearingpoint, and KPMG.

Customers rave about Donna’s sense of humor, use of real-life examples, and practical suggestions for establishing a professional presence that radiates success. A Chicago native, Donna captivates her clients with her spicy personality and warm style. Co-principal of Image Works Wonders since 1997, Donna started Professional Skill Builders in 2003 to help people invest in and change their lives. Her goal is to add value and solve problems for the corporations and individual clients she assists.

In addition to serving as principal at Professional Skill Builders, Donna has served as vice-president of programs for the Chicago chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International. She has also served as a director and mentor for the Midwest Business Network. She is a member of the International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professionals, and Professional Communication Consultants.

Donna has been a featured guest on WGN radio and NBC television. She has also has been the subject of numerous print interviews, including stories in the Chicago Sun-Times, Cosmopolitan magazine, Business Week’s Frontier, and Today’s Chicago Woman. In addition, in 2003 she co-authored the book, Mastering Memorable and Lasting First Impressions.