Presentation Skills Workshop

Formulate your objectives. Identify the audience. Isolate the important messages.
Create a rapport with the audience. Answer questions.
Think about visual aids and delivery. Maybe tell a few jokes or a funny story. Practice.

These are the basic ingredients to giving a great presentation. And it’s often easier said than done. Studies show the #1 fear most individuals possess is giving a presentation, second only to the fear of dying! But never fear. Presentation skills can be mastered. It merely takes a little time, training, practice, and a good dose of patience.

This webinar is perfect for anyone who is not confident or comfortable when required to give a presentation of any kind. It’s also useful for the experienced speaker who needs help reviewing effective presentation styles. The ability to speak well in front of a group is a fundamental skill in the professional world. Moreover, the ability to convey important information to a group is pivotal to team and organizational success. So why is it that so many presentations are long, boring and lacking in inspiration? Let us give you the professional know on becoming an ace presenter. Leadership Expert and Trainer, Donna Panko, will provide this dynamic webinar.

During this webinar we will address the following: