Leadership training, business ethnics, high impact presentation, developing client relationships, management skills, time management - Chicago, Schaumburg, Oak Brook, Milwaukee.

Accountability, Business Ethnics, Presentations, Client Relationships and more.

Helping good leaders become better is the most valuable investment a business can make. Professional Skill Builders' training modules identifies several of the skill sets that great leaders possess. Through engaging lectures, dynamic discussions, and hands-on workshops, participants explore the most crucial areas of leadership.

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Mastering first impressions, personal branding, customer onboarding, work and life balance, stress management - Chicago, Schaumburg, Oak Brook, Milwaukee.

Professional Presence, First Impressions, Generational Differences, Personal Branding and more.

How your employees represent themselves and your company defines their level of professionalism in the workplace. In 2013, 48.6 percent of human resource professionals and workplace managers believed that more than 50 percent of new employees lack professionalism their first years on the job. Improving your employees level of professional will give them the edge that attracts new opportunities and clients. Retain your valuable employees with our professional presence modules.

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Business communication, Business etiquette, Business networking, Business writing, Lisltening skills, dining etiquette, social media etiquette - Chicago, Schaumburg, Oak Brook, Milwaukee.

Communication, Networking, Business Writing, Etiquette and more.

Research shows that 85% of one's business success is tied to strong communication and business and social etiquette skills. As simple as communication and etiquette seems, much of what we try to communicate to others—and what others try to communicate to us—gets misunderstood, which can cause conflict and frustration in professional relationships. By learning effective communication skills and polishing your employees etiquette skills, your workplace becomes more efficient and effective.

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